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At Quadra we have established a smooth customer experience that takes you through the different stages effortlessly from your very first contact with us. To facilitate this process, we thought of replying to some questions you may have about our procedures.

How can I reach you?

Click here for our contact details.

What products do you have? 

Quadra offers an extensive range of doors and windows. Amongst the types of doors we sell you can find internal doors, internal entrance doors, outer entrance and industrial doors, which may be used in the residential buildings, hotels, offices, public buildings and industrial premises. Read More.

Can I ask Quadra for an onsite confirmation meeting before placing my order?

Yes, we will offer free onsite consultations to help you in choosing the most ideal door type. 

Do Quadra surveyors verify my room measurements on site?

Even though for quotation purposes you provide us with measurement indications we will always come onsite to verify the actual dimensions. This service is inclusive of the services we offer upon placing an order.

How do I confirm an order? 

Upon selection of product, visit our showroom whereby we shall go through the products selected together with any particular requirements needed and once agreed upon the order is confirmed. A 30% payment deposit is required to secure the order. 

What is included in the order price?

Complete delivery and installation of doors and any other accessories that come with it. Prices are always including VAT. If a lifter is required there will be an extra charge of €35 for the first hour and €25 for every hour following that. The client is responsible to obtain all necessary permits related to the lifter.

What is meant by the due date?

Unless otherwise indicated delivery of apertures is of 12 weeks from the date of the final confirmed measurements.

When do I get a delivery and installation appointment?

After 8 weeks from final confirmed measurements you will be contacted by our customer service department to set a delivery date and an installation date. 

What if delivery is delayed?

If delivery is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, Quadra will discount you the equivalent of 0.5% per week on the delayed order’s value. This penalty does not apply if delays are caused by major forces such as strikes, riots, fire and similar occurrences.

Do I have to make two separate payments during delivery and installation?

Yes, apart from the 30% deposit paid on order, a further 60% of the value is payable upon delivery. The remaining 10% will be paid on the day of intallation.

What should I do if I am not completely satisfied with my product?

At the end of each delivery, installation or service call, our representative will fill in a job completion form with you. Any elements that are not to your full satisfaction may be specified on the form. Our representatives will also take pictures of the product for our After-Sales Department to inspect. Upon installation our customer care team will call you to follow up on your experience of our service.

Are my products guaranteed?

Our products have a guarantee of between two and five years. Refer to the sales order conditions for each product category for details and exceptions.

How can I effect my payment?

We accept all major payment methods, including cash or cheque and all major credit cards. When paying deliverymen and installers kindly note it is only possible to pay by cheque, cash or bank draft.

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