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Terms and Conditions


In the following conditions of sale, the term ‘Company’ shall mean Quadra operated by Ideacasa Co. Ltd. and the term ‘Buyer’ refers to the person effecting the purchase from the Company and/or any personacting on his/her behalf.

1. Quotations are subject to acceptance within 30 days from date shown. Unless a firm order is placed in writing, the Company reserves the right to alter the price quoted in any given quotation without prior notice. Prices quoted are subject to on-site inspection and measurement.

2. Prices quoted are inclusive of tax at current rates. The company reserves theright to alter the price should the tax rate change.

3. The price quoted by the Company to the Buyer is inclusive of free delivery to one destination only as indicated by the Buyer. The If Buyer opts to shift furniture from the location where it had been originally delivered, all transport and labour costs are to be borne by Buyer.

4. No order shall be subject to cancellation either in whole or in part without the Company’s prior written consent. If Buyer desires to cancel an order and the Company gives its consent as aforesaid, the deposit paid on signing of the contract of sale shall be forfeited in favour of the Company and the Buyer shall lose all rights to the goods ordered.

5. When a client confirms an order with the company, a site inspection will be effected by one of our employees. During this inspection the client is to confirm the the openings of all the doors measured, namely, left or right opening, open in or open out version of each door. After the order has been forwarded to our supplier, no amendment to any part of the order can be effected.

6. Any changes requested for by the Buyer after signing of the contract shall be quoted for separately and agreed to by both parties. Such changes will influencethe agreed date of delivery. It is the Buyer’s responsibility to have the room ready from all ancillary trades necessary for the installation. In the negative, the Buyer shall be liable to: i) paying all extra expenses incurred ii) effect all payments as agreed to in the contract iii) accept a new delivery date as can be scheduled by the Company.

7. The company undertakes to use every reasonable endeavor to effect delivery as agreed with the Buyer. However should delivery be delayed for any reason outside the Company’s control, the Company will not assume responsibility. In no case will the Company be held responsible for any consequential loss arising from any delay in delivery.

8. If for any reason whatsoever the Buyer cannot accept delivery on the date communicated to him by the Company, the Buyer will become liable to a storage charge. Furthermore the Buyer shall effect all payments as agreed, as if the delivery has been effected.

9. In the event that the Company sends two notices to the address of the Buyer as furnished by the Buyer, that the goods ordered are ready for delivery, and the Buyer ignores or does not promptly act upon these notifications, then the order shall on the tenth day after the date of the second notice be considered as being cancelled and the deposit paid on the signing of the contract of sale shall be forfeited in favour of the Company and the Buyer shall lose all rights to the goods ordered. Moreover the Company reserves the right to sue Buyer for damages sustained. The buyer can request the company to extend the delivery date keeping the goods in company’s custody. Such services will be provided at a cost quoted by the company accordingly as necessary.

10. When delivery of furniture is effected and difficulty arises to deliver and/or install in a normal way, an extra charge shall be made to the Buyer to cover the time and risks involved. If the use of a crane or hoisting device is required, the cost of hiring such equipment will be for the Buyer’s account. Any permits required shall be the Buyer’s responsibility, and for Buyer’s account.

11. The furniture is to be inspected by the Buyer upon delivery and/or installation and any claims which might arise are to be notified to the Company within 24 hours from delivery, No claims will be entertained by the Company after the 24 hour period elapses.

12. Wood being a natural material, variations in colour, woodgrain and finish will occur.

13. The prices agreed upon for joinery works and other interior decorations are intended for fixing into properly prepared masonry unless otherwise stated in writing. The Company is not responsible for correcting or making good any misalignment, distortions or deficiencies in the building structures, flooring, plaster work and decoration unless such services are specifically requested by Buyer and agreed upon beforehand in writing.

14. The Company shall not be held responsible for any warping, splitting andc racking of solids and polish resulting from abnormal conditions existing in the environment, such as humidity, excessive heat, dampness, etc. Save for the above, the Company guarantees the workmanship and material within the limits prescribed by law. Fittings are not covered by any form of guarantee. Mirrors carry a six month guarantee, excluding breakage.

15. Each order shall be considered separate and distinct from one another.

16. The client hereby authorises the company to disclose personal data to bona fide financial institutions as and when required in the normal course of the company’s business.

17. It is the responsibility of the client to remove the doors and/or windows that are to be replaced by new ones, should the client opt to use our services for such removal, an extra charge of Ten Euro (€10) per door will be levied, this charge is to be paid to the installer on the same day of the removal of these doors. The company shall not be held responsible for any damages that might occur in the removal of such doors and/or windows.

18. In the case where client requires alteration works to the doors and/or windows opening, these must be carried out prior to the delivery date. These alterations must be notified and accepted in writing by the company.

19. The client is to supply the installer with a source of power supply. If no such supply is known to be available on the day of installation, client is to inform the company at least three (3) working days before.

20. Gaps between the doors/architraves and the doors and/or windows opening, that are the result of distorted or unlevelled walls shall be sealed or not at the discretion of the company depending on the size of the gaps.

21. Any pointing works or painting that are required after the installation of the doors and/or windows are to be carried out by the buyer. The company shall not accept liability to carry out or pay for such finishing works.

22. In the improbable case where replacements to the delivered/installed goods are required, the company binds itself to take immediate action with its supplier for the supply of these replacements, these replacements however have to take the normal production/shipping cycle before delivery can be effected.

Terms of Payment
(Prices and Values are in Euros)

23. All orders are subject to a deposit equivalent to 30% of the value of the order.This deposit is to be paid by the Buyer to the Company upon the signing of thecontract of sale. No orders will be processed by the Company unless the saiddeposit is paid by Buyer.

24. The balance is to be paid on delivery. Any form of discount over showroomprice will be forfeited if payment is not effected upon delivery of furniture.

25. If an order is not delivered in whole, the Buyer shall pay on delivery the fullvalue of the items delivered. Any discounts granted on showroom prices shall bededucted from the balance due when the last item is delivered.

26. Outstanding amounts not settled in the manner set out above shall bearinterest at the maximum rateof interest allowed by law.

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